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Victoria Shamrocks features eight Roughnecks players.

By Stephen Stamp-IL Indoor | Published: 9/6/2013 at 9:46:42 AM

If you were looking for fresh blood in the Mann Cup, you’ve got it. Neither the Western Lacrosse Association champion Victoria Shamrocks nor the Major Series Lacrosse titlist Six Nations Chiefs have been there in a while—it’s been since 2006 for the Shamrocks and back to 1996 for the Chiefs. Both have won their way back with deep rosters featuring strong team defence and a host of options on offence, along with outstanding goaltending. Today we take a look at the rosters and the seasons of these teams, trying to get an idea of how the series may play out. It’s always a tough call when you have teams from across the country facing each other; it’s even tougher when most of these players haven’t been to Mann Cups and haven’t played each other, as is the case this year. Make the jump to see a breakdown of the 2013 Mann Cup matchup.


Six Nations:  16-3-1 (.825); 8-1-1 home, 8-2 road
Victoria:  11-7 (.611); 7-2 home, 4-5 road

Goals for and against
Six Nations:  218 goals for (10.9 per game, 1st in MSL), 157 goals against (7.85, 1st)
Victoria:  199 goals for (11.1, 1st in WLA), 161 goals against (8.9, 2nd)

Leading scorers
Six Nations:  Colin Doyle 28/48/76; Craig Point 24/47/71; Cody Jamieson 34/33/67; Roger Vyse 23/42/65
Victoria:  Cory Conway 20/67/87; Corey Small 42/44/86; Scott Ranger 33/27/60; Jeff Shattler 24/25/49

Defensive leaders
Six Nations:  Billy Dee Smith, Sid Smith, David Brock, Jesse Gamble, Dan Coates

Victoria:  Scott Carnegie, Tyler Hass, Dan McRae, Tyler Burton, Ben McCullough


Six Nations:  8-0 (1.000); 4-0 home, 4-0 road
Victoria:  8-2 (.800); 4-0 home, 4-2 road

Goals for and against
Six Nations:  81 goals for (10.1 per game), 53 goals against (6.6)
Victoria:  100 goals for (10), 68 goals against (6.8)


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Which Roughnecks player will score the most goals on March 14th at home against Rochester?

Shawn Evans
Curtis Dickson
Jeff Shattler
Dane Dobbie

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