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If you missed it, here is the tweet-up @NLLRoughnecks featured today with Geoff Snider.

| Published: 2/8/2012 at 3:30:22 PM

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@CraigDrebit How many more years does Geoff expect to be playing?

#NLLRoughnecks GS I'd like to play as long as I can depending on my body, 5 more years would be a goal

@LauraBMay Geoff how do U focus on Stars game w same team mates U wil play (or fight) against next wk?

#NLLRoughnecks GS All Star games are a hug honour to be a part of, we are professionals and the NLL comes first, fights are secondary to winning

@the_chau r u nervous to play ur brother in WSH?

#NLLRoughnecks GS I'm prepared, not nervous, the kid is good and I certainly respect that

@TheSimpner What would Geoff say is his career highlight-so far?

#NLLRoughnecks GS Winning the 2006 World Championship with Team Canada and being traded to the #NLLRoughnecks

@Amy_Rose03 With your fight in the last home game, my boss was watching on TV and got hooked so he is joining me at the next home game

#NLLRoughnecks GS: Thanks @Amy_Rose03 I appreciate the support

@JGmimico When are you and Smith going to have another Heavyweight tilt? #overdue

#NLLRoughnecks GS: I'm happy to address it when it is relevant to the game, right now championships are more important than my own notoriety

@CraigDrebit Do you have a favourite sport besides lax?

#NLLRoughnecks GS: I love playing golf, squash and real and/or royal tennis, google it

@CurtisDickson17 (Roughneck Curtis Dickson) Geoff who is your least favorite player on the team and why?

#NLLRoughnecks GS: You are Curtis #jk #bffs #iheartgingers

@JGmimico How hard was it to adapt to new face off rule in the NLL? Who is the toughest guy to go against? What's your secret?

#NLLRoughnecks GS: It was a challenge at first but I enjoy the rules now. @BSnides41 (Bob Snider) is the toughest. My secret? #IfiTellYouIdHaveToKillYou

@fozzyburr If you could drop the gloves with anyone in the world who would it be

#NLLRoughnecks GS: The one guy I can't seem to get my hands on is @JohnGrantJr24 He's slippery

@CanadaLaxtitute Geoff, we all know you and Paddy Campbell are @PeterboroughLak teammates but c'mon. do you guys really like eachother?

#NLLRoughnecks GS: Paddy is a great guy, I got to know him this summer. We're professionals and just doing our jobs.

@AdamOmadA Geoff-what's your go-to pump up song before a game or trailing at the half??

#NLLRoughnecks GS: Our Lady Peace, Naveed

@basementdan (Roughneck Dan MacRae) GS who would u say is the stylish guy on the team? Without pumping your own tires...

#NLLRoughnecks GS: @Brider37 (Andrew McBride) and @petemcfetridge (Peter McFetridge) are tied for second place

@MayorOfMCTowne do you ever find yourself distracted at the breaks by the drill crew? #iknowiwould

#NLLRoughnecks GS: All the time @drillcrew is the hottest dance team in the #NLL #ilovechaps #peaceout

#NLLRoughnecks GS: Thanks for all the great questions and support. It's a great year to be a 'Neck, folow me @GeoffSnider4

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